General user terms


This page is made available by Bazoom Aps, Vesterport 3, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Danish CVR No 29 63 63 70 ("Bazoom"). When you visit or use services from Bazoom ApS, you accept the following terms:
This policy takes effect on 26 March 2012.

Contents on Bazoom's websites

By using Bazoom, you agree not to copy or change Bazoom's websites or their contents, including contents uploaded by other users. Furthermore, you will not infringe copyrights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of Bazoom or any third party.
By creating contents, including photos, text, etc. on websites of Bazoom, you guarantee that you have every right, including all intellectual property rights, to these contents, and that such contents do not infringe legislation or any third-party rights.
At the creation of contents, including photos, text, etc on Bazoom, you give Bazoom permission to present your contents on all the websites and mobile apps to the presentation thereof on Bazoom's internet-based services, including Bazoom's Twitter and Facebook profiles. Photos created on Bazoom's websites automatically get Bazoom's logo as a watermark. Please note that contents on the Internet - and on Bazoom's website - may be shared by other users to their own social profiles on for instance Facebook


If contents on Bazoom's websites infringe immaterial rights of other persons, the rightsowner thereof may contact Support on and make a request that the contents in question be deleted or changed. Bazoom reserves the right to, at their sole discretion, change and/or delete the contents in question.

Use of Bazoom's websites

As a user of Bazoom's websites and services, including in connection with publication and sale and purchase of goods and services, you will comply with the legislation in force, including the rules laid down in the Danish Contracts Act, the Danish consumer contracts Act, the Danish Sale of Goods Act and the Danish Marketing Practices Act.
In connection with publication of sale of goods and services, you will, in particular, inform about and comply with the rules on the 14-days right of cancellation of the Danish consumer contracts Act.

The role of Bazoom

Bazoom is not involved in contracts on the sale and purchase of goods and services that are concluded between the purchaser and seller on the websites of Bazoom. Bazoom is no seller or supplier of the goods and services in question and assumes no liability for goods or services published and sold via Bazoom's websites.
The majority of the contents on Bazoom's websites are user generated, and, therefore, Bazoom cannot provide any guarantee as to precision, quality or legality of the user-generated contents on Bazoom's websites.
Meanwhile, Bazoom reserves its full right, at a loose estimate, to delete contents or parts thereof, including user-generated contents on its websites, notwithstanding the reason.

Bazoom's liability

As a user on Bazoom's websites, you agree to indemnify Bazoom for any liability in connection with your actions on Bazoom's websites, including (but not limited to) actions in connection with advertising as well as the sale and purchase of services concluded between purchasers and sellers on Bazoom's websites.
You also agree not to hold Bazoom liable for actions made by other users on Bazoom's websites, including (but not limited to) actions in connection with advertising as well as the sale and purchase of services on Bazoom's websites.
Bazoom is an open platform of communication with user-driven contents, and Bazoom is, therefore, not liable for the creation of contents, including text, photos, video clips, etc., which may infringe the law or third-party rights.
For this very reason, no claim for damages due to losses, damages or infringements occurred due to user-generated contents on its websites can be raised against Bazoom.
Bazoom does not provide any guarantee for the access to Bazoom's services or websites, and Bazoom does not provide any guarantee as to the security of such access or to the maintenance of a continuous access thereto. For the same reason and to the extent permitted by law, Bazoom waives any liability for losses or damages occurred in this connection.
To the extent legislation so permits, Bazoom explicitly waives any and all guarantees, warranties and representations, explicit or implicit as well as legislative, for the contents of Bazoom's websites and the services provided by Bazoom.
To the extent the law so permits, Bazoom waives any direct or indirect liability for losses or damages, including loss of money, data, goodwill, reputation, etc. that could occur by the use of access to Bazoom or of the services available on Bazoom's websites.

Force majeure

Notwithstanding the above, Bazoom is, in particular, not liable in damages for losses due to: Breakdown in and/or failure in access to IT systems or data destruction/damaging in these systems that may be related to the events below, irrespective that Bazoom is operating the systems: Failure in electricity supply or telecommunications at Bazoom, legal measures, terror or criminal damage (including computer virus and computer hacking) riots, civil commotion, sabotage, war, acts of God, unexpected price booms, strike, lockout, boycott or blokage, irrespective of whether the conflict is directed against or implemented by Bazoom or its organisation, and irrespective of the reason and scope.

Limit of liability

If, despite the above, Bazoom is held liable in damages, Bazoom's contractual as well as non-contractual liability (either such liability occurred due to negligence or in any other way) is limited to the largest sum of (a) the total payment to Bazoom during the 12 months prior to the case giving rise to liability, or (b) DKK 1,000.
This limitation of liability does not apply to consumers.

Personal data

As a user of Bazoom's websites, you agree that Bazoom (data responsible) collects, transfer, stores and uses your personal data on servers all over the world as outlined in the data policy. You are responsible that your personal data are exact and that you protect data concerning your password. If you suspect that your password has been abused, please contact support immediately on, to have your password changed.


These terms and other related terms on Bazoom's websites consitute the entire agreement between you and Bazoom and supersede any previous agreement. This agreement is regulated by the laws of Denmark and subject to Danish jurisdiction. Lapse of one or more conditions due to invalidity does not imply automatic lapse of the terms in their entirely.

Changes or amendments

At any time, Bazoom may change or amend these terms. These changes or amendments take effect on the first of these times: (a) next time you add or change contents on Bazoom's websites, or (b) 30 days after the change of the terms.

Please send your questions, comments or complaints to support at

Bazoom's data policy

Bazoom's handling of your personal data is outlined in this data policy Your personal data are all data that may be used to identify you, including name, address, sex and email address, etc. Bazoom collects, uses and distributes personal data to administer and run Bazoom's websites and protects your personal data in order for you to feel confident and safe. Bazoom ApS, Viengevej 100, DK-8240 Risskov, CVR 29 63 63 70, ("Bazoom") is data responsible and thereby responsible for your personal data.


Såfremt du vælger at give Bazoom personlige oplysninger, samtykker du til overførsel og lagring af disse oplysninger på Bazooms servere.
If you decide to give Bazoom personal data, you agree to the transfer and storage of such data on Bazoom's servers.
We can collect and store the following data:

  • depending on the service you make use of and the data you choose to give such as: name, email address, telephone no., address, sex, date of birth, things/animals/people created on the website, your insurance and financial information;
  • information as to how you use Bazoom's sites and services, including your transactions;
  • statistics on page views, traffic to and from Bazoom, advertising data and standard weblog data.

You also agree that Bazoom may share your personal data with affiliated companies or service providers assisting Bazoom's business activities.

Using data

Bazoom uses the data to:

  • provide our services;
  • solve disputes and solve problems in relation to Bazoom's websites and services;
  • prompt safe trade and enforce Bazoom's policies;
  • adapt your experience, measure the interests for Bazoom's services, improve Bazoom's services and keep you updated on services and updates;
  • adapt and provide information on marketing and sales promoting offers to you according to your preferences.

Protecting data

Bazoom does not sell or pass on your personal data to any third party for the purpose of marketing purposes without your explicit consent.
An exception is forwarding to affiliated companies or service providers assisting Bazoom's business activities.
Bazoom may pass on personal data to comply with statutory requirements, enforce Bazoom's policies or protect other persons' rights, properties and security.
Bazoom may pass on personal data to react on statements that an advertisement or other contents infringe other persons' rights. A request for information of this kind may be directed in writing to Bazoom ApS on this email The data are only passed on to an attorney or the police.

Information in advertisement and fora

Data that you upload in connection with your or others' advertising or in other public fora on Bazoom's websites are accessible to the public.
The contents you put in an advertisement on Bazoom's market places or in an advertisement, and your contact info (telephone no., town and postal code) are accessible to the public to the effect that potential buyers may contact you.

Marketing, communication and email tools

You may request to receive marketing material from Bazoom and our associated companies, including Bazoom and strategic partners as, for instance, financing and insurance companies. If you do not wish to receive marketing material from Bazoom, please write to support on this email address:
Bazoom may use the data, which Bazoom already has about you and your activities, on Bazoom's websites to adapt the notices that Bazoom is sending to you and the contents and the advertising which Bazoom has on its websites.


On some of Bazoom's websites, Bazoom or our suppliers will make use of cookies (small files placed on your harddisk). Bazoom does not permit that our suppliers collect personal data about you by the use of these cookies. These cookies are used to analyse visits on Bazoom's websites, adapt Bazoom's services, contents and advertising, measure sales promoting activities and promote confidence and security.
Some important things you should know about cookies are that:

  • Bazoom offers a number of functions that are accessible only via the use of cookies.
  • Bazoom uses cookies to identify you and maintain your login status.
  • You may always reject cookies if your browser so permits, but this may disturb your use of some of Bazoom's websites or services. Further information about accepting cookies are in your browser's help function.

Access, change and delete

You can see, change or delete your personal data in your user profile on Bazoom's websites. If your data have been changed or are not correct, you must immediately update your personal data.
If you wish to get a general view of which of the personal data that are in Bazoom's possession and not accessible in your user profile, please inform Support on Bazoom reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee as payment for the work in connection with collecting and sending the overview of the stored personal data. This amount, however, will not exceed the statutory limit.
Bazoom deletes your personal data once Bazoom no longer needs them for the purposes described above, always provided, however, that, in compliance with legislation, Bazoom keeps the data being necessary to solve disputes, enforce Bazoom's policies and prevent illegal activities.


Bazoom treats data as assets that must be protected and, in this connection, makes use of tools (encoding, pass words, physical security, etc.) to protect your personal data against unauthorised access and passing on.
Bazoom does not, however, provide any guarantee against any third party's illegal wiretapping or if such party in any other way gains access to transfers or private messages or if any third party, including other users, abuses your personal data that have been legally collected from the website.

Supervisory authority

In Denmark, the processing of personal data is surveyed by the Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, DK-1300 Copenhagen K, or at

Rules on using Bazoom's websites

This page is made available by Bazoom ApS, Viengevej 100, DK-8240 Risskov, Danish CVR No 29 63 63 70 ("Bazoom"). When you visit or use services from Bazoom ApS, you accept the following terms:


When you register as user on the site, visit the site or otherwise use services on the site, you will:

  • comply with these terms
  • not give data or information that are false or in any other way misleading,
  • comply with current legislation, including the Danish Contracts Act, the Danish consumer contracts Act, the Danish Sale of Goods Act and the Danish Marketing Practices Act,
  • not infringe any third-party rights, including third-party rights as to copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, for instance by selling replica goods, publishing illegal music or video files, etc.
  • no copying, changing or distributing other users' data or contents created by other users;
  • refrain from distributing or including spam, chain letters or pyramid,
  • not use any kind of search robot, scrapers or other automatic means to gain access to Bazoom's websites and collect contents to any outside purpose without Bazoom's express consent;
  • not in any illegitimate way harvest or in any other way collect data on others, including their email addresses or other personal data;
  • refrain from distributing viruses or other technologies that may damage Bazoom or users of Bazoom, including their interests, data or properties;
  • not carry out any action that in an unfair way may damage Bazoom's infrastructure or disturb the operation of Bazoom's websites;
  • in no unlawful way circumvent measures that are used to prevent or restrict the access to Bazoom's services;
  • not to establish a link to Bazoom's websites in such a way that contents from these websites are made accessible on other persons' websites;
  • appear a good and polite way, in general;
  • Not use any offensive language or conduct; including smearing persons or companies as well as racist or offensive contributions/comments.
  • Not systematically come up with very negative voices that may be considered as an intentional attempt to bother other users.
  • Not create false user accounts;
  • Not carry out commercial sale or other commercial activities (business sale) outside the scope of commercial category or in any other way advertise for commercial activities outside the scope of commercial category.

If these terms are not complied with, Bazoom reserves its right, at its own discretion, to lock and freeze your user account. In case of a more serious infringement, your user account will be deleted.

General conduct on the site

Bazoom wants all its websites to be nice and welcoming for all users. As a user of Bazoom, you accept, therefore, to act in a kind and polite way towards all players, including other users of Bazoom's help administrators.
Bazoom asks every user to be tolerant and understanding - also in terms of other attitudes and points of view. It is not permitted to use Bazoom's websites and fora to taunt, flatten or rebuke others in public.
Therefore, Bazoom requests its users to use a normal, nice and polite language. Irony and sarcasm must be clarified as much as possible to the effect that misunderstandings are avoided. Contributions or comments containing foul language are not tolerated.
Negative exposure of other users, accussations of cheating, etc. are not permitted.
If you suspect cheat, etc. please contact a help administrator and support at
It is not permitted to pass on other persons' personal data, including email addresses, names, addresses, etc, on Bazoom's websites.
Bazoom reserves its full right to, at their sole discretion, to delete contributions that are considered illegal, offensive, unwanted or in any other way contrary to these terms.

Creating user accounts

Anyone regularly using Bazoom's websites must have its own user account. It is not permitted to have several user accounts at a time or to share a profile with other persons.
User profiles created in order to or used for abuse may be closed without notice by Bazoom.
If you suspect that a user account is false or used for abuse, please contact a help administrator or Bazoom's support on

Use of message centre

You may send messages containing relevant questions or messages to other users via the message centre.
It is not permitted to use the message centre for spam, i.e. sending identical messages to more than one user for a certain purpose. Under no circumstances is it permitted to send out messages containing advertising for or marketing of one's own or any third party's products and service.
To fix scope and character thereof, we reserve our right to read messages if such messages are notified as spam or picked up as spam in our filters.
Abuse of the message centre will lead to freezing/locking of user account or closing down thereof.

Creation of contents on the site

Contents created on Bazoom's websites must comply with the law and not be against any third-party rights.
Bazoom only permits sober contents, and pornographic, racistic, discrimminating, violent or in any other way offensive photos or statements, etc. will not be accepted.
Photo material made accessible on Bazoom's website may not show genitals or female nipples.
Contents not complying with the above or the law as such will be deleted without notice and, according to the circumstances, the matter will be reported to the police. Examples are the sale of illegal goods, such as illegal fireworks, stolen goods and steroides, etc.

Exclude users - Voting-out system

In each profile, there is a point called "Abuse". If you experience a user breaking the rules and you wish to make use of the voting-out system, you must:
1. Write a detailed reason
2. Send a link of what you find is contravening the rules.
Don't forget to give a reason of the voting out.
If a user gets enough "out-votings", the help administrators will be notified thereof, and a decision will be made as to how serious the infringement is as well as the steps to be taken.
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