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Puppy Boutique Puppy Boutique
Dog Apparel & Accessories
5 years ago
joe 2014 joe 2014
7 years ago
8 years ago
joe2013 joe2013
joe2013 august
8 years ago
joe in buchforts park joe in buchforts park
in buchforst park
8 years ago
joe in deutschland joe in deutschland
joe in deutschland
8 years ago
joe und frunde joe und frunde
joe und freunde
8 years ago
Meine Wuffis Meine Wuffis
8 years ago
my drawings my drawings
My pencil drawings.
8 years ago
me pups , getting on now tho' .. aged 14 and 12 :) me pups , getting on now tho' .. aged 14 and 12 :)
just a few pics for now :)
8 years ago
Other pics of River Other pics of River
Various photos of River from 1 day old
8 years ago
Dogs Dogs
Some pics of my dogs and other ones ive collected off the internet that i like
8 years ago
daisy doberman (SNAKETAIL) daisy doberman (SNAKETAIL)
This is my daisysnaketail dobie she is 2 now, gorgeous temperment loves people, she is my 4th dobe over the years is obsessed by all the yellow balls she has down her field just stares at them all the time waiting to be thrown! she is my miricle baby had an accident at 6 months chasing a bunny and hit a dip in the field, was touch and go they thought she had a spinal injury at first, but she was very lucky slowly over the months with our love and brilliant vet Dahlia cromwell vets at Huntington, she fully recovered she is a living miricle and is my life and totally spoilt.
8 years ago
dog pet portrait paintings dog pet portrait paintings
Here a few of my dog portraits that I've painted recently. If you'd like your dog made into a work of art (they'd love that) visit my website to order. My prices start from £50. Let me know what you think of my art! Jess
8 years ago
Christmas dog! Christmas dog!
Christmas dog!
8 years ago
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