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Age: 40 years
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Mixed breeds River Mixed breeds River
River is very lazy,she does love going for walks but at her own pace. If i run around the beach with my other 2 (Princess & Pixie) she will just stand watching. She dont seem to care about much other than standing at the garden making sure no one is around her property lol. Up until lately she has been very independent and never really wanted much attention but the past few weeks she has been alot more loving and started sleeping on my lap. I breed her myself so its not like she never had attention before,think she is alot like me though,likes her sleep and space lol. Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2011 7 8 years ago
Mixed breeds Pixie Mixed breeds Pixie
Pixie can be absoutly crazy,playing,running up and down the house yapping and spinning around but if she has enough she lets everyone no by getting grumpy and lying infront of the heater telling anyone off who goes near her. She loves people and even kids,unlike Princess her older sister lol. Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2009 5 8 years ago
Mixed breeds Princess Mixed breeds Princess
I have owned Princess since she was 7 weeks old. She was breed at the stables i worked and rode at so i have known her doggy family right back to her great great grandparents. She is very sweet but also a big attention seeker and always wants cuddles from anyone apart from little kids,she dont like them much lol . Open in gallery |
8 years ago
2007 3 8 years ago
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Other pics of River Other pics of River
Various photos of River from 1 day old
8 years ago
Dogs Dogs
Some pics of my dogs and other ones ive collected off the internet that i like
8 years ago

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