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Japanese Spitz Sylvie Japanese Spitz Sylvie
We got Sylvie when she was 12 weeks of age. When we got her, she had loads of problems, for example. She didn't want to pee or anything else outside or in front of us, which made it almost impossible to make her house clean, we have worked very intensely on this since we got her, and she is partially house clean now, and I could not be more proud of her, she has also been very nervous, it took us a while to get her to be a curious dog who wanted to examine everything, we have been very patient with her, and often we still have to find new creative solutions to her thrive, but it is all worth it when you look at her, and see that she gets one step closer to not being such a nervous dog anymore, and you can almost see the joy of life radiate out of her. With that being said, she has much better now, and she is just so lovely a dog that loves to give kisses to everyone and everything. Her tail never stands still, she uses her whole body when she wags, which she does all the time :) she loves caves and small places, so we always have to build her a new one when we are going to sleep, or if she has to be home alone, but she still thinks that the best is to snuggle under the cover with me and William, it just gets too hot for her too quick, but she always tries to get under :)
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