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Date: 2013-8-21

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Mixed breeds Shiva

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hight about 68 cm over the shoulders and weight about 32 kg.
She's very gentle dog and puts up with most things. She's has a bit cautious and a little nervous approach to new Things and strange dogs, but when it is overcome, she's just one happy loving dog. Loves to play with other dogs, as long as they're not too approaching (makes her nervous), and loves people of all ages.
Not too many yet, but we're working on it. Sit, Down, stay, wait, high five...
No, but both parents are known: Mother Mille: White Swiss Shepherd Dog (White german shepherd) / Rottweiler, Father Charlie: Labrador / Rottweiler.
Shiva is a wonderful gentle dog WHO puts up with most things. She has a cautious and a bit nervous approach to things (which we train to improve), but when it is overcome, she really love other dogs, and people of all ages. She's loves a good fuss and, like so many other large dogs, she forgets how big she really is.
We train obedience for fun, the social part and for the connection between dog and owner and it's just so wonderful. We are not training towards compations of any kind.
On a daily basis we go walking in the woods that we have as a neighbor, and on the beach, which we have a 15 minutes walk to.

July 2013: Shive got identified Primary Addison, after six weeks of illness with both infection from a tick and now also found Addison.

Addison is a rare disease, so if there is anyone who knows about this disease, or know someone who does, then I'd like to hear from you. Experiences, advice, etc. would be appreciated.

It must be said that she eventually is fresh well and it is hardly to mark on her that she has been through the illness. She weighs what she must, eat well, have high spirits and is a real fool bun again. Now we have to adjust the pills she gets (florinef - as it seems now she has fortunately not needed prednisolone), and so we hope that she will have a relatively normal and long life :-)

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