Bullmastiff Raya ("Bullgrin's 'N Librrani No Mercy") 6.27 8
Date: 2013-3-4

Bullmastiff Raya ("Bullgrin's 'N Librrani No Mercy") 2011

Bullmastiff Raya ("Bullgrin's 'N Librrani No Mercy") - 12 months
Bullmastiff Raya ("Bullgrin's 'N Librrani No Mercy") - 12 months
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Female - 31 years old
User since: 04/03/2013
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Bullmastiff Raya ("Bullgrin's 'N Librrani No Mercy")

Won: 0
Lost: 0
Tied: 0
Year of birth:
43 kg
Very friendly and loves other dogs.
She loves to be where it happens.
We went on a puppy begins teams where we practiced basic obedience, soft agility and walked tracks.
She ended up being so obedient that it started to get really fun so we continued on a more experienced team.
So fare in 2013:

- 1 x CAC

In 2012 she got/became:

- 1 x BOS Baby
- 1 x BOB Puppy
- 1 x BOS
- 1 X CAC (she was too young to recive the CACIB)
- Nordic Junior Winner 2012
- Nordic Winner 2012
Breeder: Librrani(DK)/Bullgrins(FIN)

Pedigree name: "Bullgrin's 'N Librrani No Mercy"

Mom: EUCJW-10 FINJW-10 HELJW-10 Librrani's Etta As In Number One
Dad: USCH Leatherneck Stealin Hearts

Mom's dad: EUJW-08 Leatherneck Northern Exposure
Mom's mom: Jugendsieger Rostock-07 Bar-B's Brindle Deja Vu

Dad's dad: USCH Newcastle's Love Struck Romeo
Dad's mom: USCH Leatherneck's Eveready
Raya is my long waited little angel <3

I have always loved dogs and the dog world and in 2005 I fell in love with the breed Bullmastiff and promised myself that it would be my first own dog. But i was studding and lived in a small apartment, so i had to wait a long time before it became a reality, but in December 2011 I moved into a small house in a small village with my boyfriend, so I contact the Librrani Kennel.
I love to exhibit and would also like to enter the breeding world, so we agreed that a co-owned bitch would be the right choice for me :)

Dec. 23 2011 I received a call that if I was ready, they had a nice little girl to me - i couldn't ask for a better Christmas present :D

Raya is born at the Bullgrins Kennel in finland and shortly before the New Year's eve, she flew to Denmark with his brother. I took the trip across Denamrk to get her on third January and she stole my heart the first time I saw her - it was an old dream finally came true :)

She is always ready to play! Loves to tumbling and loves her balls and teddy bears, which have a relatively short life and if she finds a good thick stick to bite, she is very happy.

Raya is also a real pleasure to work with. Through positive training and plenty of treats, she is very teachable and most importantly of all, she seems to have a desire to learn.

We started in a puppy class when she was 15 weeks and later on a more experienced team at the same private coach - and on both teams she was great! She quickly learn new exercises.

Sometimes she icomes with me out running small trips of 4-6 km, which she enjoy very much. This is of course in her speed and with knowledges that she has healthy hips.

She is REALLY good with other dogs, but they must have a certain size, because she is not fully aware of how big she is.

I love to go on dog shows, so we often particpate in dog shows in Denmark and she is doing very well :)

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