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Mixed breeds Kaoz the Flabox - *The Cow*

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I´m a handsome boy - that´s what my mom says anyway ;)

I weigh 40 kg, but I´m 67cm tall - I´m a supermodel if you want my humble opinion !

Born 26th of February - just turned 8 !!
When I was young I didn´t have any, I was shy and a bit timid.. My mom thought me to be a REAL dog!

When I turned 3 I raised my leg to pee, and when I turned 5 I got brave enough to stand up for myself. Mom is really proud of me :D
Oh my, I know a LOT ! My mom trains me all by herself, and I´m the bestest student any mom could want!

In my early years I had a small issue with concentration and got stressed out all the time. Mom was very patient and thought me to calm down on command - and then we could start the obedience training... I did GREAT !

The standard ones:

* Watch (looking mom in the eyes)
* Sit
* Down / Lie down
* Stand
* Stay / wait
* Bark
* Leave it
* Drop it
* With me (when I have a leash on, I always keep my shoulder right next to moms left leg. That´s my spot!)
* Come
* Walk on spot without leash
* Fetch - and bring back into moms hand
* Back up
* Seek (and find both food or objects my mom "lost" in a field)

I know a lot more, but you get the picture; I´m a well-trained pup :D

Now to the party tricks - the ones that really pays of in biscuits ;)

* Paw (both right and left)
* Wave
* Hign 5
* Growl (I sound REALLY dangerous!)
* Dance (turning right around myself)
* Pick up (I can pick up everything, even sausages without eating them on my way back!)
* Carry things (like baskets... I like baskets!)
* Crawl
* Removing clothes from the washing mashine
* Fetching wet laundry from the basket and delivering it to my mom

I´m pretty cool, right? :D

I also know never to run to people, dogs or the wildlife, so I can walk witout my leash everywhere we go - even down the street, I just follow my mom and stay by her side :)
I wait outside the stores without being tied up, my mom just ask me to wait and so I do. My bakery-lady is very impressed, and she gives me a bun every time... I sure love waiting outside THAT store :D

I´ve got Hip Dysplasia (E and D, mom says it´s very bad.. I can´t feel it thou. Mom says thats something to be grateful of, and so I am :)

Because of the HD I went to a pool to swim, I learned to follow commands in the water:

* Turn
* Easy
* Swim hard
* Up of the pool
* All done

Love to swim... And I´m SO great at it :D

I went to see a lady who massages dogs. I really dislike to be touched my strangers, but Mom taught me these commands to make thinks easier.

* Lie on your side
* Lie perfectly still

Mom is with me all the time, telling me what a good boy I am <3
No.. Well I´m in constant competition with the cat... Never do agree on who loves our mom the most. And it´s really a no brainer; I am mans best friend... Cats are not..
Havn´t got one of those.. I´m a mixed breed you see.

Don´t even know my real mom and dad, but I found a perfect set of humans to play that part :D

.. or a boy.. Can´t make any puppies my mom says, but a boy never the less :)
Oh where to start?!

Well I´m a flabox, and I bet you´ve never heard of one like me!
- I AM a mixed breed, sure; a mix of FLatcoated retriever, lABrador retriever and bOXer; a FLABOX =D

It´s just for laughs, my mom doesn´t buy into all that "new-breed-buisness" with puggles and all.. I don´t care, I´m just a dog ;)

I didn´t always live with my mom (and dad.. I also have one of those.. I just prefer my mom), I lived with another dog and mom until I was almost 11 month.
My other mom couldn´t train me at all.. When I got picked up by mom and my aunt Louise, I didn´t even know my own name.. I did´t know any commands and did have a little problem with stress and concentration.

Mom and I worked soooo hard, and just look what I know today. Never do give up on "lost cases", in the heart of the right trainer every dog can be great.. My mom showed me that <3

I´m a great dog and I love my mom most of all in the whole world. I spend my days either with her or waiting for her to get home.

Some might say I´ve got trust issues, but mom say that I just have great taste ;)

I love love LOVE animald.. The smaller the animal, the greater my love is. My favorite animal in the world is hedgehogs, and one time one actually came out of his prickly home and said HELLO !!!
- Now I never want to move on when we find a hedgehog, I just lie down and wait patiently :D Never worked since then, but I´m optimistic ;)

"Properly trained a man can be a dogs best friend" - mom is very well-trained :D

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  • Zoe J

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    6 years ago

    so handsome xxx

  • Pat A

    Created: Sep 2013
    8 years ago

    a beautiful dog and a wonderful owner

  • Jul M

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    8 years ago

    great profile

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