Jack Russell Terrier Alfie (RIP) 57 1
Date: 2013-6-26

Jack Russell Terrier Alfie (RIP) 2001

Jack Russell Terrier Alfie (RIP) - "Lol hey."
Jack Russell Terrier Alfie (RIP) - "Lol hey."
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Neve D
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- Female - 21 years old - User since: 04/02/2013
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Jack Russell Terrier Alfie (RIP)

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Year of birth:
12-13" Inches.
Energetic, loves his family. Hates other dogs and cats, doesn't like strangers.
Sweet little dog otherwise. Slightly over protective of his family :)
Not any complex tricks, will 'talk' for his ball.
1st in agility, intermediate level.
Sadly we lost Alfie recently, to a tumour on his liver. He went downhill very fast and there was nothing to do to help. I will leave this up anyway, as I'd love everyone to remember and know what he was like, he will never be forgotten. x Alf is a sweet, loving little rascal. He loves his family, and always waits by the door when he knows i should be walking him. He doesn't really like other people or dogs, seeing as he has unintentionally been attacked a few times by dogs out on walks. He is nervous, not aggressive, though people that we pass on the street misinterpret his nerves with aggression, and often cross the road when we approach. Alfie has never, and would never, bitten a person or dog. He will growl, bark and occasionally snap, but he won't bite.
He, along with my horses Jess and Henry, is my baby. I love him to pieces, and i never want anything to happen to my baby:')

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