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Date: 2013-3-4

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Susett L
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Mixed breeds Kelly

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Like a cat :-))
She's very calm, she gets along with all other animals and people..
She's not the smartest dog in the world, but she's not stupid either.

High five ( both paws )
Sit Pretty ( on the butt, with front paws liftet to her chest )
Shes a Tibetan Spaniel and Pekingese mix :-)
Shes a pretty little lady.
Kelly is a dog we got from my mother when she was about four months old, my boyfriend fell for her, and i couldn't talk him out of it, and getting her was the best decision ever, she turns 2 in July, and shes given us the best times!
Shes definitely my best friend, we love long walks, and she can for miles without getting tiered, she loves playing with other dogs, especially large dogs, oh, she loves the large dogs.
Small dogs she thinks is a little weird ( god knows why )
Last summer, we got a cat, Kelly loved cats and she used to play with my sisters, We live surrounded by fields and forests, so it was a great idea to get a cat, and they are best friends, the cats a He, and they sleep together, eat together, og play together. They even go ''do'' in the garden together :-D

We like going to the ''dog forest'', all dogs run off leash, and its a nice long walk, with a lot of new meetings on the way. Everybody loves it.
I'll admit Kelly is not the best dog to walk on leash, we never trained it good enough, and its so rare we use the leash. She always stays near, and she goes with us everywhere, she just follows where we go ;-)

Lot more to come!

Love Kelly and her mom :-)

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