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Date: 2013-5-14

Samoyed Mumrikken 2013


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Annemarie R
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Samoyed Mumrikken

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Not very big yet, but it will come ;)
He is always happy, and want to talk to every one that he meets. He is quite vocal, and has loads to say all the time.. He is not the best at the dog language yet, but hopefully it will come ;)
Give me your paw, left and right
If we say pee outside he pees..

And then he knows what No, and good boy, means :)

Its not much that he can do yet, but we're working on it
Not yet, but it will come..
IKC - Irish Kennel Club
Mumrikken is a very loving dog, he has his "big sister" A Japanese spitz called Sylvie, and he loves to play and can be a bit of a bully to her sometimes, but then we just have to say no and then he stops and starts to play with his toys.. He copies every thing that Sylvie does, and always have so many things to tell..

We have a carrier that we took him home in, and since the first day, he has been collecting all the toys in there, so Sylvie can't get any, and if she wants to play with them he just go over and take them out of her mouth and then in the box again, We can always see if he has something that he shouldn't, like a shoe or a sock, then he lift his head and run in a special way into the box, very quite.. but he is getting bigger so its not so easy to get in anymore, which he don't understand, then he looks at William or myself as we have done something to the box..

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