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Date: 2013-5-8

Karelian Bear Dog Fifi 2005

Karelian Bear Dog Fifi - 1) Portrait photo at the harbor - Photographer: Myself
Karelian Bear Dog Fifi - 1) Portrait photo at the harbor - Photographer: Myself
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Lykke H
Female - 35 years old
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Karelian Bear Dog Fifi

Won: 0
Lost: 0
Tied: 0
Year of birth:
Height: 52 cm over the shoulder
Weight: 20-22 kilos
Loves attention, however, only when she demands it.
She's shown no signs of aggression towards people, nor other dogs.
She loves cats, horses, cows as well, but she's a true hunter when it comes to smaller critters.
She can (danish commands):
- Sit
- Lie down
- Paw
- The other paw
- Stay
- Free
- Stop (on our walks, whenever I want her to stop and stand still)
- Enough (when the play with other dogs gets too wild)
- Up (jump up either at a person, or when I want her to jump up on something)
- Roll over
- Treat on snout
- Bark (silent and loud)
- She lift her legs, when we're putting on her harness
Unfortunately Fifi has no pedigree, though both of her parents has.

Dad (D): Susiki Manti - 3 times champion, full pedigree
Passed away October 10th, 2009 - R.I.P.

Mom (M): Marco's Daca

MD: DK.INT.CH. Bamse
MM: Spidsbjørnens Suo Kimi Jenten G
MDD: Skruens Samos
MDM: Bjørnehi's Aino
MMD: Ståndskallet's Kaino
MMM: Spidsbjørnens Seija
MDDD: DKV.92 Samos
MDDM: Elchhof Hedda
MDMD: Santo
MDMM: Natacha
MMDD: Vitådalens Jurr
MMDM: Stånskallets Jejjan
MMMM: Dølhøyden's Aika
Fifi was born March 22nd 2005.

I got her on December 17th 2006, from a friend because he got separated, and he needed to get rid of all his dogs.
Fifi had a tough beginning. She had been thrown around from place to place back and forth, and I'm her 8th home. When I got her she was just 1 year and 9 months old, pregnant and very confused.
I didn't know about the pregnantsy before I went to bring her home, so that was a bit of a shock, as I lived in a small apartment.
On February 7th, she had 7 wonderful puppies, and in the end of the month I moved.

In the beginning she was a tough one to live with. She was still a baby, highly confused and a real troublemaker - And on top of that I now had 7 little puppies as well - and I didn't know anything about the breed. I just wanted to save her.

Fortunately it all got better, when I started to read about the breed. I suddenly understood her actions, and learned to live with her, and even better - love her.
Despite her young age, she was a great mom. The puppies grew up, and got new good homes.

In 2008 I found my boyfriend (Michael), and moved in with him about a month after we met. Fifi felt home right away, and loved him the minute she saw him, and him her. He had a dog himself (Aiko) and they became best friends, and soon Fifi adopted Michael, and Aiko adopted me.

Today I've had Fifi for more than 6 years and Michael have had her for nearly 5, and neither of us wouldn't sell her for all the money in the world!
She's the best dog imaginable, and I couldn't see myself without a KBD by my side.

Fifi is a real lady. She's a charmer, and she knows it (which isn't always a good thing), but she will always let us know if there's something she's not happy about.
She loves everone, and expect everyone to love her - Well, more like she demands it. If we have visitors, you can be sure that she will place her butt right in the middle, and start barking. The same if we're out, be it visiting some friends or out on the street.

We used to call Fifi a real troublemaker, but not anymore. It's been a very long time since she's been naughty.

In general, Fifi has become the best dog ever, and despite her tough start in life, she's the happiest dog I know.

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