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How do you teach you dog to be alon... How do you teach you dog to be alon...
Do you have some advice on how to teach your dog to be home alone? I have just recent...
Training - Jane J - 5 years ago
Jane J 830 5 years ago
Trick training Trick training
Hi all I have thought of leaning my lovely dog some tricks. So I’ve made this thre...
Training - Janet - 5 years ago
Janet 2,268 5 years ago
Put the puppy in school Put the puppy in school
Put the puppy in school There are many offers on dog training and puppy motivation...
Training - Cecilia L - 5 years ago
Cecilia L 658 5 years ago
Dog training Dog training
Can you recommend a good book on dog training or do you have some tips yourself? I ho...
Training - Jane J - 6 years ago
Jane J 407 6 years ago
Clicker training and books Clicker training and books
We have decided to try clicker training, because we think it sounds like a great trai...
Training - Malene H - 6 years ago
Malene H 354 6 years ago
Dog Agility Dog Agility
I'm new in dog agility. Others who also is it? Lee Gibson is one of the UK's must ...
Training - Cecilia L - 6 years ago
Cecilia L 488 6 years ago
Favorite trick ? Favorite trick ?
My dog knows a lot of commands, but who can choose a favorite one? I love all of h...
Training - Nina F - 5 years ago
Nina F 628 5 years ago
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